Spanish Wells Pig Excursion


Spanish Wells Pig Excursion

If your family wants to enjoy a truly unique adventure, a Spanish Wells pig excursion is a great choice. Just imagine … powdery white beaches, crystal blue water, and swimming pigs! Travelers to the Bahamian island of Eleuthera are often surprised by the feral pigs that live in the area.

During a Spanish Wells pig excursion, guests can enjoy the company of these friendly, four-legged island inhabitants. The feral pigs look forward to the food and fun times that come with visitors to Spanish Wells. These beach-going pigs are a popular attraction near Eleuthera. Visiting them is a great way to spend a few hours or the whole day.

Eleuthera has some of the best beaches and culture the Bahamas has to offer. The area is a popular destination for boaters and the jet-set crowd looking to relax in paradise.

If you are in the area, the swimming pigs of Eleuthera are a great diversion from the norm. Spend a few hours with the Eleuthera pigs and take home some amazing pictures sure to start a conversation.

Swimming Pigs of Spanish Wells

Pigs are not native to the Bahamas and the Eleuthera swimming pigs are no different. Over the years travelers have brought and abandoned pigs in various parts of the islands. They get to benefit from the food and attention that visitors bring to the area. You can spoil these adorable creatures during a Spanish Wells pig excursion.

Pigs are very resourceful and these new transplants have figured out how to live on their own. Feral pigs aren´t a new thing on the islands and not all wild pigs are familiar with human company. However, the pigs of Eleuthera, while still being feral pigs, are more accustomed to interacting with humans.

Another population of feral pigs lives further south on Pig Beach in the Exuma Islands. The Exuma swimming pigs have also become a popular tourist destination. A Spanish Wells pig excursion is arguably more accessible than visiting the swimming pigs of Exuma. Consequently, the four-legged attractions on Spanish Wells have built up their very own following.

Pig Excursion to Spanish Wells

pig excursion of Spanish Wells

Want to swim with the pigs at Spanish Wells? There a few different options to arrive there. The pigs reside on Meeks Patch Island, south of Spanish Wells. If you decide to fly to Eleuthera there are guided tours available that can take you to the island. A guided Spanish Wells pig excursion is a popular choice, however a private rental boat excursion is far more exciting! Taking your own rental boat gives you much more flexibility. You´ll likely come from Spanish Wells and head south to Meeks Patch.

When interacting with the pigs, be careful because they can bite. They don´t bite deliberately, but human fingers can look like a snack. The Eleuthera pigs are familiar with people, but they aren’t exactly tame. Hand feeding is not recommended.

Pigs are not the only wildlife you can see on Meeks Patch. There are lots of other animals on the island including ducks. Pack snacks for your group and the wildlife and enjoy a unique day during your Spanish Wells pig excursion.

Other Attractions in Spanish Wells

While a Spanish Wells pig excursion is a great choice, there are lots of other things to do on Eleuthera. Your rental boat can take you to some of the greatest destinations in the area. Your time on the island will be one to remember!

Know that Eleuthera isn´t a big commercial tourism destination. You won´t find nightclubs, water parks or other gaudy commercial attractions. While there are resorts, the area is much more subdued than lively tourist spots on other islands. You can explore on your own and experience the great natural beauty of Eleuthera.

If you want to enjoy land-based accommodation, most hotel choices are in and around Governor´s Harbour. This town is the main population center on Eleuthera and most visitors to the island spend some time here. Queen´s Highway runs through Governor´s Harbour and can connect you to the northern and southern parts of the island.

Heading north you will cross Glass Window Bridge. This natural rock bridge between North and South Eleuthera offers a stunning contrast of colors. You can see the dark blue of the Atlantic Ocean and light turquoise blue of the island´s shallow waters. Close by is the Queen´s Baths. These natural stone pools are a unique way to experience the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Harbour Island and Dunmore Town

Pink Sands Beach

Harbour Island is the home of Pink Sands Beach and Dunmore Town. This quaint seaside village is a great place to walk and take in the local island vibe. While you´re there, make sure to spend some time on Pink Sands Beach. This unique destination is famous for it´s pink colored sands and is a spellbinding place for a long walk.

If you´re a diver you will want to visit Briland´s Blue Hole. Located several miles northeast of Harbour Island, Briland´s Blue Hole is an entrance to an underwater cave complex. Discovered in 1996, this cave system has only been partially explored. The cave system is a unique diving destination for those looking to have a unique experience while on Harbour Island.

Northern Eleuthera and Spanish Wells

Northern Eleuthera boasts great fishing spots and white powder beaches, while Spanish Wells has stores for the sport fishing crowd. Spanish Wells also has restaurants where you can sit back and take a break from the action for an afternoon.

The Spanish Wells Museum offers a look into the Bahamas Islands history and is a great option for history buffs. While a Spanish Wells pig excursion is a popular choice for tourists, it isn´t the most famous attraction in Eleuthera. That honor goes to Sapphire Hole.

Sapphire Hole

This inland blue hole is an amazing spot to swim, snorkel, and capture incredible photographs. To get there by road, follow Queen´s Highway north until it ends. Turning right will take you to Preacher’s Cave and Tay Bay Beach. Watch for the signage indicating the dirt path to Sapphire Hole.

Eleuthera Swimming Pigs Boat Rental

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