Miami Boat Rental Bachelorette Party


Miami Boat Rental Bachelorette Party

Give the bride-to-be a day to remember with a Miami boat rental bachelorette party! Want to experience some of the best nightlife in the country? On the other hand, perhaps you prefer to spend the day on the water with your closest friends. A Miami bachelorette boat rental can give you all of this and more.

A luxury rental yacht can put you in the middle of Miami´s legendary nightlife. Therefore, amazing destinations are accessible by boat, and the waters around Miami are ideal to cruise and bond with friends. Formal or casual, a Miami bachelorette boat party can be whatever you want.

There are always lots of options on offer for a Miami boat rental bachelorette party. For example, take your party to a few local restaurants or visit some of the best sandbars and reefs in the area. If you´re planning a bachelorette party, it´s best to have information on the best attractions Miami has to offer. Here are some fun destinations and great ways to connect with friends while celebrating the bride-to-be´s big day!

Party Boats Miami Style

A bachelorette boat party can be as simple as food and drinks with friends on a luxury yacht. There are lots of great reefs and sandbars in and around Miami. Moreover, you and your friends can experience the ocean and have fun as a group, or with others.

Miami´s great boating weather means cruising is always the perfect way to have fun with friends. However Miami has plenty of exciting destinations on land, accessible from the water. Your Miami bachelorette party boat can take you to restaurants and clubs too.

Knowing your bride´s personality is the best way to decide what places to visit and the activities to enjoy. In short, the whole idea is to give the bride-to-be an experience she´ll never forget. A Miami boat rental bachelorette party is a unique way to share an unforgetable day with the future bride.

Yacht Rental Miami Bachelorette Party

Miami bachelorette party boat

The size of your chosen rental boat will determine what your group can do. If you wish to charter a larger yacht, you´ll spend most of your time on board. Larger rental yachts offer many amenities for all your group to enjoy. You can also hire a caterer and a photographer for the special day/night. After all, those captured moments will provide the bride-to-be with everlasting memories!

Your Miami boat rental bachelorette party can simply involve cruising the calm waters of Miami bay. Or maybe you want more company than just your friends? Yacht rentals such as VS Yachting can take your party to one of Miami´s local sandbars.

Relax and hang out in true Miami style at popular spots like Nixon Sandbar. Day or night, something is usually happening on one of Miami´s sandbars. This is a great way to give the future bride a taste of Miami party culture out on the water.

Your bachelorette party doesn´t need a large yacht to give your bride-to-be an experience she´ll never forget. That is to say, smaller boat rentals have their own appeal and benefits, and can be ideal for a Miami boat rental bachelorette party. Lower cost means you can spend more time out on the water and enjoying many local attractions. Hanging out on a sandbar, spending the day on Miami Bay, or docking at water-side restaurants are terrific options. A smaller boat rental can allow your group to have more time for fun and activities.

Nixon Sandbar

Located on the west side of Key Biscayne, Nixon Beach Sandbar is one of the main sandbars in the area. Close to Miami, this sandbar attracts many people looking to party and enjoy the outdoors. A Miami boat rental bachelorette party wouldn´t be complete without a taste of the local party scene.

Nixon Sandbar isn´t pretentious, however it can crowded at times. It´s a great place to hang out, chat with locals, and spend a few hours bonding with close friends. If you plan to spend time on Nixon Sandbar you´ll need to bring your own food, drinks, water and shade.

It can get lively after dark, and is a great way to experience true Miami-style nightlife on the water! Any Miami boat rental bachelorette party should schedule some time to visit Nixon Sandbar. You´ll see why this is a popular local destination, and why so many boaters spend time there.

There are other sandbars in the area, but Nixon is the closest to Miami and is always the busiest. The future bride and her friends will truly appreciate this unique experience. It´s the perfect way to let your hair down, as you enjoy the sun, sea, and each other´s company!

Miami River

Miami River yacht charter

If you wish to just cruise and take in the sights, Miami River runs right by downtown Miami. Miami River provides easy access to restaurants, bars, and boutiques where you can stop and explore. Consequently, many top restaurants and bars have direct access from Miami River. The Miami River is a good choice for a Miami boat rental bachelorette party.

Seaspice Brasserie & Lounge is a high-end dining option and perfect for a classy bachelorette party. However, your group will need to make reservations there, this isn´t the place for spontaneous dining. If Seaspice is unable to accommodate your party, there are other nice choices nearby. Casablanca Seafood Bar & Grill is right next door, and is a popular spot for fresh-caught seafood.

Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is another great destination and a nice choice for your Miami boat rental bachelorette party. The Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is the perfect place to chill out after a day of partying. Pull into No Name Harbor and your group can stretch their legs far from the frenzy of downtown Miami. The park offers two restaurants where you can enjoy seafood in a relaxed atmosphere.

Boat Rental for Miami Bachelorette Party

Whatever destination/s you choose, VS Yachting provides rental yachts complete with experienced staff and crew. Our smaller rental boats are very affordable and are from 25ft to 40ft long. Prefer something larger for your Miami boat rental bachelorette party? If so, we offer you a huge variety of yachts ranging from 40ft up to 100ft long.

A bachelorette party is a very special occasion, filled with fun times for everyone. Make the most of the occasion by renting a luxury yacht from VS Yachting. Call us today regarding information and pricing for your bachelorette yacht party Miami.