Standard Charter Rules and Regulations

  • A chartered vessel won’t be able to carry more than 12 passengers plus the charterer (the person who has signed the BareBoat Contract). The maximum number of people considered here is 13;
  • Dedicated time for Half day charter is 4 hours, and for a full day charter is 8 hours;
  • If you are boarding a long-term charter, then, a full day will count from 10:00 am of the actual day to 10:00 am of the next day.
  • There are no drugs allowed on board;
  • All vessels consist of the captain service, soft drinks, water, fuel, insurance, and ice on board. Vessels that are 40 ft in length have a mate and/or cabin attendant. All of this depends on the boat’s size.
  • Fuel is filled for idle/trolling speed around local areas for day charters. On the contrary, it is chargeable if you choose high-speed cruising. The charge is for the extra fuel consumed.
  • Long-term charters will need a 30% APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) apart from the charter price. It is a standard charge to pay each expense during the yacht charter. It is an uncomplicated way to create a petty cash account for the Captain. From this account, the Captain can cover each of the operating expenses. These include everything from fuel, port fees to transfers to and from the vessel, food, drink, communications. Also, it will be used to fulfil any kind of special requests and incidentals on your behalf.
    This petty cash will help the Captain to do all these payments and help them to keep all the receipts and balance accounts. You can review the spending at any time, which will provide you with the real expenditure picture. Any credit which is left at the charter’s end will be reimbursed in full. And if anything is outstanding which is required to be paid should be issued to the Captain by the charter before disembarkation.
    The captain is liable to inform you in advance if the expenses will exceed your APA. The APA’s total amount gets estimated in advance of the charter and gets calculated as a percentage of the total charter fee. It is usually 20-25% for the sailing yacht and 30-35% for a motor yacht. However, this entire course is dependent on the charter party’s tastes and needs, the journey, and the number of guests.
    The amount can be greater or even less than the estimated amount. The APA should get paid at the same time when the final charter payment is being issued. This rule is under the standard MYBA terms and conditions. This will allow the Captain and Crew to plan the departure in advance.
  • Even though we are pet friendly, the captain of each vessel has all the power to accept or decline pets on board. You might also have to pay an additional security deposit;
  • All vessels have life jackets, emergency, and first aid kits. It is advised to bring spare medication if you have any allergies or medical needs. All of these might be required in any kind of emergency;
  • valid Driver’s License or passport is required for foreign passengers before departure and during the charter;
  • The pick-up time needs to be decided by you. Your charter will start at the time stated in the signed Charter Agreement.

Florida Maritime regulations because of COVID 19 is temporarily suspended

The below mentioned are the rules and guidelines for all on water, and similar activities. It includes charter vessels, kayaking, and canoeing. Also, it includes boat ramps, fish cleaning stations.

Allowed Activities

  • Boating (boats, kayaks, and canoes should remain 50 feet apart at every time)
  • Charter vessels (should not exceed the capacity limits of the vessel which also includes the crew)
  • Passengers (should be boarded before the launch itself)
  • Single boat launches only (vessels should get prepared prior, one per ramp)
  • Bait and tackle along with open fuel docks
  • Jet ski rental (only two riders will be allowed if they are from the same household)
  • Fish cleaning station
  • Fishing piers
  • Restrooms

Activities that are Not Allowed

  • Tying up, including Stiltsville
  • Rafting
  • Beaching (there will be no beaching allowed of boats on Monument Island, Sandspur Island, Pace Picnic Island or others
  • Landings

Boat Capacity

  • Boats that are 25 feet or less: Maximum of four adults, plus children. Maximum passengers on the boat-8.
  • Boats that are 26 feet or 36 feet: Maximum of six adults, plus children. Maximum passengers allowed on the boat-10.
  • Boats that are 37 feet or greater. Maximum of eight adults, plus children. Maximum passengers allowed on the boat-10. 
  • No boat should exceed the maximum capacity of persons per ‘maximum capacity label.” The children should be 17 and under.