Radio Beach Bimini Adventure


Radio Beach Bahamas

If you have been dreaming of Bimini beaches and laid-back Caribbean vibes, Radio Beach Bimini is a top choice! Radio Beach in Bimini is a great destination for motor yacht excursions from the US mainland, especially from Miami.

Only 55 miles east of Miami, Radio Beach Bimini has been a popular spot for adventure seekers since the 1920s. Located next to Alice Town on North Bimini, Radio Beach is one of the best beaches in Bimini. This Bimini beach is centrally located, making it ideal for explorations around North and South Bimini.

Don´t want to deal with crowds at some of the larger resorts on Bimini? Head down to Radio Beach and relax in the sun while you enjoy some of the local food and drinks.

Bimini and Alice Town

Bimini Harbour

As mentioned, Radio Beach is located right next to Alice Town on North Bimini Island. It´s one of the closest islands in the Bahamas for travelers from Florida and has lots of local character.

Visitors to Radio Beach Bimini often rent bicycles or golf carts, but you can easily explore the area on foot. Renting a golf cart can help you explore the areas of North Bimini beyond Alice Town.

The Radio Beach/Alice Town area has marinas, hotels and great places to eat and drink all within walking distance. Venturing north along Queen´s Highway takes you beyond tourist areas around Alice Town and into residential parts of the island. When you get tired of taking in the sun on Radio Beach, North Bimini has lots more surprises and discoveries!

Historic Bahamas Getaway

Bimini and Radio Beach have been a popular tourist destinations since the 1920s. During prohibition, people from the mainland searched for places to go where rules were more relaxed. As Bimini is located close to the US mainland, it made for the perfect refuge during that era.

Some people are puzzled by the name Radio Beach Bimini. Why do they call it Radio Beach? The name came from a radio tower at Bimini Mack building, which is now abandoned. This was an easy landmark to spot as people crossed the ocean looking for fun and alcohol.

However, it wasn´t just popular with people looking to dodge prohibition rules. Bimini has always been a popular destination for sport fishers and those looking for blue water and pristine beaches. Ernest Hemingway had a summer home on North Bimini, but also stayed in the Compleat Angler Hotel in Alice Town. This modest hotel with 12 guestrooms was destroyed by fire in 2006.

Radio Beach Bimini a Stone´s Throw from Miami

Radio Beach Bimini

Radio Beach on Bimini is no longer a haven for people looking for relaxed rules. Now it´s a top spot for people wanting to experience great sport fishing and relax on its amazing beaches. Being close to Miami makes Bimini a popular destination for boats crossing over from the mainland.

There is a ferry service from Miami to Bimini. Private motor boats also make the journey in a rapid manner and provide an intimate environment for passengers. Bimini and Radio Beach make a great home base for a few days of fishing and relaxing in the sun.

High Season in the Bahamas

Bimini is a year-round destination but is most popular through the colder months from mid-December through mid-April. Even during winter, daytime temperatures are often in the 70s. This makes for a great escape from cold weather on the mainland.

If you prefer to travel during the summer months, be prepared for some rain. Apart from rain, the summer rainy season can provide sunny days where you can enjoy everything Bimini has to offer. Be sure to check weather conditions before departure. After all, the whole idea is to enjoy a safe voyage across the Gulf Stream.

How to Get to Radio Beach Bimini

Bimini yacht rental

Bimini is a popular destination and there are a few ways to get there. The cheapest way is to take the ferry from Miami. This isn´t the most stylish way to get to Radio Beach, but it is the cheapest. Flights, both conventional and by seaplane from either Miami or Fort Lauderdale are available as well. The most fun way to get there is by motor yacht.

A yacht rental lets you enjoy the trip and gives you a mobile base to fish and explore the islands. You can always pull into a marina near Alice Town and see the local sites on foot or by renting a golf cart.

Rent a Motor Yacht to Radio Beach Bimini

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