Florida Keys Babymoon Getaway


Cruise the Florida Keys on a Yacht for Your Babymoon

If you have a baby on the way and want a getaway, we recommend a Florida Keys babymoon vacation. This tropical paradise is a popular destination for couples looking to enjoy quality time together before their little one arrives. The Florida Keys is a unique and unforgettable babymoon destination where you can relax and totally unwind.

So today we will explain what a babymoon is, then list some popular destinations in Florida for babymoons. We will also tell you when to enjoy your babymoon and why a rental yacht is your best option!

What is a Babymoon?

A babymoon is a joyful trip similar to a honeymoon. However, rather than the couple spending time alone post-wedding, they are accompanied by their soon-to-be newborn child. This gives the couple the chance to enjoy quality time together before bringing their new joy into the world.

Babymoons have become popular because, let’s be honest, once a baby is born, there aren’t many opportunities to get away. Life becomes hectic and unpredictable following the birth of a baby. The purpose of a babymoon is to go on an adventure before bringing your little one into the world.

Before their first child is born, some couples plan one last vacation as a couple, like a Florida Keys babymoon. Traditionally, a babymoon is for recently married couples who will bring their first child into the world. However, if you want to go on a babymoon for each pregnancy, we say “do it”. Of all the destinations around the world, we recommend a babymoon Florida style!

Best Babymoon Destinations in Florida

Florida Keys

babymoon Florida

The Florida Keys are, by far, one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States. Each island’s distinctive atmosphere never grows old, with a quintessential laid-back Old Florida feel.

Key Largo is an excellent choice for a Florida Keys babymoon. In an exquisite atmosphere with beautiful décor and relaxing music, Prana Spa is the place to go for couples massage. Then, stop by Louie’s Backyard for delectable Caribbean-American cuisine with a stunning ocean view. Azur restaurant is another fantastic spot to enjoy an exquisite Mediterranean dinner on a peaceful indoor or outdoor patio.

A Key West babymoon is also a top option, although it´s twice the distance from Miami compared to Key Largo. Key West has many places of interests and tourist attractions to enjoy. In the end, the decision is yours. Both Key Largo and Key West are ideal destinations for a Florida Keys babymoon.

Siesta Key

The Siesta Key vacation experience is the epitome of Florida. It’s a lovely island near Sarasota and is a nice alternative to a Florida Keys babymoon. The island’s beautiful beaches are the main attraction.

Siesta Key´s gorgeous, sugar-white sand and warm water, make it a popular destination for tourists. Crescent Beach is a lovely place to start because it’s both picturesque and less crowded than other local beaches. Turtle Beach and Siesta Beach are also worth visiting during your babymoon vacation.

Water sports are quite popular on Siesta Key. However, that doesn’t mean you must participate in water skiing or scuba diving while pregnant. Instead, visit Kokomo Charters for a relaxing day on the water in a luxury pontoon boat. Cafe Gabbiano is an excellent choice for Italian food served in a rustic, romantic environment. The patio has a lovely atmosphere!

Santa Rosa Beach

The quiet and beautiful Defuniak Springs is a place where everyone feels welcome. It’s the ideal starting point for day trips to the lovely Gulf of Mexico.

Couples planning a babymoon getaway have a wide range of vacation rentals available in Santa Rosa Beach. There are many vacation rentals dotting the beaches and remote holiday homes if you want something less touristy.

The powdery, white-sand beaches demand a sunset stroll and the warm aquamarine water is ideal for swimming. The area has a great range of charming boutique stores and eateries.

Christiano’s is an excellent dining option when hunger strikes. Their delectable, traditional Italian cuisine is served in a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

St. Augustine

St. Augustine is the oldest city in America, located on Florida’s northeast coast. The Spanish colonial architecture and picturesque Atlantic Ocean beaches are top attractions. St. Augustine is another good alternative to a Florida Keys babymoon vacation.

Treat yourself to a luxurious, relaxing couples massage at Poseidon Spa. This is a great way to begin your trip! Want to enjoy a peaceful beach atmosphere? Then head to St. Augustine Beach and rent beach chairs and umbrellas from Barney’s Beach Service.

St. George Street is an excellent location for exploration and discovery. The area offers an exciting mix of boutique and antique stores, restaurants, museums, and historical attractions. Stop by Country Carriages so you can ride in style around town on the cobblestone lanes with your spouse.

Why is a Florida Keys Babymoon the Best Option?

The answer is simple: the Florida Keys has everything you need for the perfect babymoon. The Florida Keys offer stunning beaches, lovely weather, delicious food, and plenty of activities for you to enjoy. There are also a wide range of rental options available so you can find the perfect place to stay.

Best way to Arrive at the Florida Keys?

Florida Keys vacation

To begin planning your Florida Keys babymoon, you should know there are a few ways to get to the Keys. You can drive from Miami, fly into one of the two airports servicing the area, or take a ferry. However, if you’re looking for a truly unique and relaxing experience, we recommend arriving by yacht.

Renting a yacht for your Florida Keys babymoon has several advantages over flying or driving. First, the trip is more private and intimate, perfect for quality time with your partner before the baby arrives. Second, it’s way more luxurious and gives you access to amenities you wouldn’t otherwise have. Finally, it’s an adventure in itself. Cruising around on a private yacht is a truly unforgettable experience. A Florida babymoon is an occasion you will cherish for the rest of your life!

Best time to Cruise the Florida keys?

Generally speaking, the Florida Keys climate makes it possible for year-round yachting. However, keep in mind that the Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June to November. We recommend you embark on a Florida Keys babymoon sometime between January and April.

If you wish to enjoy a babymoon in Florida during hurricane season, be sure to have a thorough hurricane plan. Regardless of when you go, always keep an eye on the weather!

Babymoon Florida Keys

Now you know the Florida Keys is the best destination for your babymoon, it´s time to take action. Call us today, we will help you select a yacht and plan for a relaxing, romantic vacation you’ll never forget. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us here at VS Yachting. Let´s start planning your dream Florida Keys Babymoon together.