Antigua Carnival 2022 Complete Guide


Costumes, Events and an Authentic Caribbean Experience

What is the Antigua Carnival?

The Antigua Carnival 2022 is a celebration of music, dance, food, art, and culture. The carnival is held on the small island of Antigua, located in the Caribbean. Above all, festivities actually take place in and around Antigua´s capital city, St. John’s. Consequently, the people of Antigua also enjoy the carnival atmosphere in other towns across Antiguian territories.

The Antigua Barbuda carnival is proudly supported by Antigua´s Ministry of Creative Industries & Innovation. This unique event typically generates around $3 million in revenue each year for the small island nation.

The Caribbean festival is the most popular carnival in the Caribbean. As a result, the carnival attracts people from all over the world because it offers something for everyone. In short, it is a time for people to dress in colourful costumes, to celebrate and enjoy the festive mood. There is a large influence of African heritage and the carnival has become a symbol of Caribbean culture.

Carnival History

The carnival has been around for generations, first dating back to 1834. It was originally created to commemorate the abolition of slavery in the British Empire. Although the carnival has been celebrated since 1834, the first official carnival of Antigua was actually held in 1957.

When is Antigua Carnival 2022?

The carnival of Antigua & Barbuda is a week-long festival celebrated in St. John’s, Antigua. Although the carnival is a seven day event, pre-events extend this Caribbean festival to almost two weeks! Pre-events include a Band Competition, Car Show, Teen Rave, and Drue´s Day.

The carnival is held during the last week of July and ends on the first Tuesday of August. Therefore, the offical carnival dates for 2022 are Wednesday 27th July to Tuesday 2nd August.

Schedule for Antigua Carnival 2022

Antigua Carnival

Carnival 2022 Dates

Wed (July 27) – Carnival Opening and Jaycees Caribbean Queen Show
Thu (July 28) – Melting Pot
Fri (July 29) – Calypso Monarch Competition
Sat (July 30) – Panorama Competition
Sun (July 31) – Party Monarch Competition, Emancipation Watch, and Night Celebrations
Mon (Aug 01) – Emancipation Day, J´ouvert, Culture & Cuisine, and Carnival Monday
Tue (Aug 02) – Parade of the Bands and Last Lap

What to Expect

Antigua Carnival 2022 will provide a fun atmosphere for people to dance, laugh, and meet new friends. In addition, the carnival features masquerades where people dress up and dance with colorful masks and costumes. Further, it is the perfect place to experience the many varied cultures that makeup Antigua.

This Caribbean summer festival features music, costumes, parades, street parties, beauty pageants, talent shows, competitions, food fairs, and cultural shows. Therefore, people can enjoy family entertainment, dance parties, live music, cultural performances, nightlife activities, and tasty cuisine.

How to Prepare for the Antigua Carnival 2022

Antigua Carnival 2022 is a time to rejoice and enjoy life. If you are planning to attend the Carnival of Antigua, make sure to dress for the occasion. It is important to know what to wear and what to bring.

What to Wear at a Carnival?

The dress code for most carnivals is typically casual. The most important thing is to wear comfortable shoes. If you love to dance, a quality pair of shoes is literally priceless!

Purchasing a costume will give you access to participate in some of the fun activities at the festival. In addition, with so many people to attend Antigua Carnival 2022, you need to stand out from the crowd! The Caribbean festival provides plenty of stores that sell carnival merchandise and costumes.

Also bring your camera, sunscreen, and anything else you might need during the day like water and/or snacks. Don´t forget to bring some cash, as there are many opportunities to shop and eat along the parade route.

Tips: How to Prepare for Antigua Carnival 2022


If you are traveling from abroad, book your flights well in advance. You may be able to obtain a nice discount by planning ahead. If you want to wear a costume to Antigua Carnival 2022, be sure to pack your costume and accessories beforehand. Check the weather forecast before you arrive on the island so that you know what kind of clothes to pack.

How to Get to Antigua

There are various ways you can arrive at Antigua. The fastest way to get there is by booking a flight from your local airport to St. John’s, Antigua. The other way to get to the island is by boat. So depending where you live, it comes down to by air or by sea.

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